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Our Flush Panel includes smooth and grooved to produce the right look for your building. Standard panel width for Flush Panel is 12’’. We can also turn your job around quickly if a fast lead time is required.

Our Flush Panel system is the most commonly used metal panel for metal soffit applications. Options include factory sealant, vee grooves, striations, perforation bands, or reveal spacing at the laps. The metal flush panel must be fastened at least every 24”.

The flush panel can be smooth, striated, have 2 Vee Grooves @ 4” o.c. or 1 Vee Groove @ 6” o.c. When used as a metal fascia or wall panel, the preferred installation method is vertical.

Add perforation bands to create Vented Flush Panels. These panels come in two styles, either 2 bands of perforations X 1 1/2" wide or 1 band of perforations 1 1/2" wider running down the center of the panel. This metal panel should be used for soffit applications only.

Our Vented Flush Panel System is a 1" deep X 12" wide soffit panel that relies on a simple tongue-and-groove interlock with concealed fasteners. In high wind uplift locations, stitch screws may be required through the side walls of the panels to meet the local building code.

Metal Soffit Benefits

As with metal fascia, metal soffits can provide the benefit of less maintenance and greater durability. They also are an excellent choice for energy efficiency and fire resistance.

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