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Metal Over Metal Retrofit

238T Symmetrical Panel System is an excellent option for retrofitting, recovering, and new construction on slopes down to 1/2:12. The 238T’s symmetrical shape not only provides for a clean and efficient installation, but also allows for easy individual panel removal or replacement. The versatility of this panel, its easy installation process and durable design are primary reasons why it is often relied on for a wide variety of roofing projects.

Since the ABC-McElroy Metal merger many steps have been taken to bring the two companies together as one, however, not all details and applications have been completely reviewed. As a result, all installation details need to be pre-approved on projects requiring weathertightness warranties. Please contact the McElroy Metal Weathertightness Warranty Department at or call 318.747.8095 for more information.

When it’s time to install the most effective roofing solution, choose ABC-McElroy Metal: the established company offering the best products and the know-how to integrate them effectively and efficiently into your building project.

238T Metal Roof Panel Retrofitting

Metal over Metal Framing Options:

The Roof Hugger and the Clip & Purlin System provide a rigid attachment directly into the original structure. Both solutions create a sub-frame used to install new panels over an existing metal roof. Our professionals can help you decide which is best based on a variety of factors, explaining the benefits of each kind of model and how it’s typically used.



(Shown Above) A Roof Hugger is a 16 gauge zee purlin that is notched out to fit over the ribs of an existing metal roof panel which is then attached through the old roof into the structure below. It provides a surface to install a new metal roof. The biggest benefit of using a Roof Hugger is that it adds strength to the existing purlin.

Clip and Purlin System

Clip & Purlin System: Economical Alternative

Clip and Purlin System incorporates a variable height 12 gauge L clip that is attached through the existing roof into the structure. The Clip is then connected by a 1 3/4” tall, 16 gauge zee purlin, providing the new roof structure. This is an economical retrofit alternative that allows up to a 6” space between the old and new roof to add insulation.

With great products, skilled personnel and an established reputation for excellence, “we’ve got you covered.” Don’t hesitate to call to find the best roofing solutions your project, whether it’s already underway or just in the planning stages. We’ll make sure you get the support you need to select the best roofing system and the follow-through that addresses all the details. You’ll enjoy peace of mind and cost-savings as well.

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